The company´s employees are going to acquire a level of English, by means of Cambridge’s official titles of Business English, Linguaskills and BEC. They can start learning from the most basic, an intermediate level or an already more advanced level depending on the objectives and special needs of each employee, and whether they need a rapid certification of English level (Linguaskills) or if they are looking to learn English throughout the year (BEC).

Spanish for foreigners

Taking into account The Instituto Cervantes as a reference, we are going to facilitate the teaching of Spanish to anyone who is interested in learning our language. So that when doing business in our country, it sounds more natural and more adapted to the world of negotiation.

English for industry

Language will no longer be an impediment to selling your product. Customers will always be more confident if you speak their language. Many foreign clients living in Andalusia will appreciate it.

Engish for tourism sector

It is aimed at restaurants, bars and shops in the tourist area of Cordoba. Clients will be better served if you speak their language. And when they return to their country they will surely recommend your business to their family and friends.

English for agricultural sector

Due to the fact that this sector is a leader when it is time to export to other countries, we have decided to give them a hand starting with a basic and fluent English focused on the sale of their product in other countries.


  • In-company training
    At the beginning, our courses are offered in the company that requests them, thus facilitating the learning of the students, avoiding the displacements and adapting totally to the schedules and the availability at the time of giving the courses.
  • Duration.
    All our courses will be given in modules (120h), twice a week during one hour and a half from September to June.

During the summer we have the option of intensive courses.

English for business:

  • Linguaskill: Test of English that evaluates the level of the candidate or group of candidates at the moment and the results will be obtained in 48h.
  • BEC: It will help you work in international business environments, both in Spain and abroad.
    • B1 Business Preliminary, CEFR level B1
    • B2 Business Vantage, CEFR level B2
    • C1 Business Higher, MECR level C1
    • Levels A1- C1

General English:

  • Levels A1- C2

Exams apdates 2020 A2 and B1


All courses are taught by professionals with a continuous and personalized evaluation by the teacher.

Direct contact with the teacher and resolution of doubts in class or through the mail.

At the end of the course, students who are prepared for the corresponding Cambridge exam will be presented.